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Congrats! You have honed your story and are ready for editing.
I specialize in Copy-editing and Proofreading.

Copy-Editing: Sentence level editing and focuses on the readability of the text. This type of edit smooths and corrects the writing and is done artfully and skillfully to retain your writing style and voice.

Proofreading: Final level editing that looks for any problems that slipped through previous edits before being printed. This includes typographical edits to ensure consistency with type setting and spacing.


You have a great idea, but you don't know where to start whether it be the next great novel or content for your website. We can assist you with brainstorming and the finer details that make a story worth reading. In addition, we can assist you in the writing process as a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting:  Ghostwriting is where the Gamut writes for you. You provide the ideas, and the Gamut does the writing. You are the author; the Gamut is the pen.


You have a great piece of audio whether it be a lecture, podcast, or video, and you want to reach a wider audience and improve your SEO. Transcription transforms your audio into written text.

Critique and Evaluation


Professional feedback to improve your writing for your target audience.

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Whether you have written the next great novel or inform people of your greatest revelation, an editor is key to bring out the best of your work.

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